Zero Nicotine - Plant Powered Puffs: Our Story | Ripple+

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operated & argued over.

small ripples make big waves

The concept that little ideas can gain momentum and create change is something we champion at ripple+. It’s why we’re here, saying a big ‘f**k you’ to nicotine and doing our plant-powered thing.

As siblings, we’ve always bounced ideas off each other, so starting a business together was a no-brainer. The idea for ripple+ came from a family holiday in Greece when our dad, Robert (but you can call him Bob), lost his vape and had what we’ll politely describe as ‘a minor meltdown’. Yup, his nicotine withdrawal was very real.

That trip was the catalyst for ripple+. Not only had we got our dad hooked on vapes, but the more we researched the vaping and e-cigarette industry, it was obvious these products weren’t doing any of us any favours. There had to be a better way, so we got to work developing a product that would be nicotine-free and totally non-addictive. 

ripple+ was born

We’ve grown a lot since starting out in our parents’ garage in 2019. These days, we’re a tight-knit crew of 10 operating from our HQ in Camden, and our diffusers are stocked in 850 pharmacies and shops across the world: from Superdrug to John Bell & Croyden in the UK—y’know, pharmacists to Her Majesty The Queen. No biggie.

It’s like we said; small ripples make big waves. So take a look around, discover our plant-powered puffs and join the f**k nicotine movement.

Much love!

ripple founders